Building a first-class magnesium mine enterprise

   The XINYANG MINERALS GROUP,approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation, is a comprehensive enterprise group that specializes in mine opening, mineral processing, flame retardant powder production,environmental pollution treatment,mineral fertilizer production, import & export trade, scientific research and owns hundreds of innovation patents.
     The group owns numerous non metallic mines,including brucite mines,magnesite mines,marble mines,potash feldspar mines,dolomite mines,chlorite mines,wollastonite mines etc,with a total deposit of over 100 million tons.

Ore resources

Ore resources


Mine Resources

Xinyang Mining Group currently has magnesium hydroxide, magnesite, potash feldspar, dolomite, chlorite.

The mine is located in Jiguanshan town, Fengcheng City. The comprehensive grade of the mine is 61%. The ore with a grade of 62 or more accounts for 60% of the total ore volume